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Spring Life: How Long Do Springs Last?

Spring life expectancy depends much on the application in which the spring is being used. Factors such as force involved, materials used, and environmental conditions all have an impact on spring life. The design of the spring also impacts how long the spring will last. When premature spring failure occurs, it is typically due to a flaw in the design of the spring.

In many cases, springs are not properly designed for the job they are doing, which leads to reduced spring life. The application of more stress or force than the design allows can lead to spring breakage or cause the spring to take set. For instance, a spring that is designed for high strength will have minimal elasticity. Damage to an extension spring can occur in the body or at the ends if the spring is extended too far.

Spring life will also be impacted by the quality of the spring wire used to fabricate them. Low quality wire can have surface or inner defects, which curtail spring performance by reducing spring fatigue strength and increasing the possibility of breakage. Choosing springs developed from high grade materials will enhance spring performance and extend spring life. It is also important to choose the right spring material for the application. For example, hard drawn wire is most commonly used for low stress applications, while high stress applications need a stronger choice, such as music wire. Since hard drawn wire is cheaper than music wire, hard drawn may be a better choice if high strength is not required.

For many applications, achieving optimal spring life requires a custom spring design. The right spring supplier will assist you in evaluating your process and determining the best, most-cost efficient design for your project.

To be assured your springs will deliver the optimal performance and spring life for your application, please contact the spring design specialists at WB Jones.

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