Custom Springs

W.B. Jones is your source for custom springs, including compression springsextension springstorsion springs, and die springs. We have over 100 years of experience in the development of an expansive selection of springs, including custom springs fabricated to your precise specification. For questions, please see our custom springs FAQ. Wire ranges are available from .008″ to .500″, in the following materials:

  • Music Wire – a high carbon steel for high stress applications
  • Hard Drawn MB – a carbon steel for low stresses and low costs
  • Oil Tempered – a carbon steel for wire forms, torsion springs, and larger wires
  • Stainless Steel – types 302 and 316 for high temperatures and corrosion resistance
  • Chrome Vanadium – an alloy wire for larger wire sizes in high stresses
  • Phosphor Bronze – for electrical applications
  • Brass – for applications requiring water resistance
  • Others- available on an as needed basis

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