About Us

For the past 100 years, W.B. Jones has built a solid history as a spring company dedicated to providing top-quality springs to meet the needs of a wide range of industries. W.B. Jones offers both stock and custom springs, including compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, and spring assortments. As one of the most comprehensive spring companies, our offering also includes wire forms for a vast diversity of applications. Our commitment is to not only provide the utmost quality in our products but also to offer excellent customer service and on-time delivery.


Stock Springs

As one of the leading spring companies, W.B. Jones stocks the best selection of off-the-shelf springs to meet most application needs. Search our stock springs inventory to find the length, diameter, rate, material and load strength you need. When you locate the spring you need you can quickly and easily place an order.

Custom Springs

When it comes to custom spring companies, W.B. Jones offers more than quality springs made to your specifications. Our team of design specialists is available to provide ordering assistance to make sure you find the spring that meets requirements and works within your budget. We can work from new or existing custom designs to deliver the springs you need on time and within budget. When comparing spring companies, make sure the one you choose offers:

  • A wide range of stock springs off the shelf
  • Online ordering or personal assistance on custom orders
  • Quotes and answers the same day requested
  • Shipping within 3 to 10 days for most custom orders
  • All products manufactured in the USA

Contact us today to discuss your spring needs. We look forward to working with you!