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Custom Extension Springs

Our goal is to quickly deliver affordable, custom extension springs so you can get back to being productive. We use our old school customer service to respond to questions and provide quotes within hours, and the latest spring manufacturing technology to ship custom extension springs in 1 to 2 weeks. Let us help you find your spring today!

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Stock Extension Springs

W.B. Jones stocks a variety of extension springs to meet a wide range of application needs. Search our inventory of stock extension springs to find the length, diameter, rate, material, and load strength you require. Once you find the spring you need, you can order online.  Need help? Contact us.

Order Stock Extension Springs

We know that fast turnarounds, personal service, and superior quality are important to our customers. So that’s what we deliver.

Putting everything on hold for a spring is frustrating.  That’s why we carry a variety of stock extension springs ready to ship today and offer one to two week lead times on affordable, custom extension springs. (Other companies take 4 to 6 weeks.)


How to measure your extension spring.

Providing us with accurate measurements is the key to getting the right springs for your job. Watch the video or see our Measuring Guide.

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