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Spring Assortments – The Right Spring When You Need It

W.B. Jones offers a wide selection of high quality spring assortments. These sets of assorted springs are available in a variety of quantities, featuring specific spring designs to provide you with just the right spring when you need it. They are ideal for keeping in your warehouse, workshop, garage, or machine shop.

W.B. Jones has been offering spring assortments for over a century. In fact, the popularity of our spring assortments put us on the path to become the company we are today. The original assortments were packaged in hand- crafted wooden boxes with drawers and were found at hardware stores across the USA. These wooden assortments boxes have become popular in recent years as decorative items, and they turn up in antique shops and online auctions every so often.

Today, our assortments are packed in plastic cabinets and trays. These are lighter and less cumbersome than the larger wooden boxes. Each cabinet clearly identifies what springs included, making it simple to reorder and find a spring that works best for an application.

Assorted spring sets from W.B. Jones are available in three main types of spring assortments:

  • Compression and Extension Spring Assortments
  • Compression Spring Assortments
  • Extension Spring Assortments

Wires sizes for these assorted springs range from .012 to .162 inches. Lengths vary from .406 up to 12 inches. Our assortments contain a mix of materials and finishes, including hard drawn steel, music wire, zinc plating and galvanized steel.

Spring assortments from W.B. Jones offer a great way to cost-effectively maintain a quality supply of assorted springs.  These handy sets will allow you to avoid the frustration, hassle, and the expense of buying individual springs on an as needed basis.  Contact W.B. Jones for assistance in selecting the best assortment to meet your needs, or browse our assorted spring sets and buy online today.

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