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Find Your Die Compression Springs the Easy Way

W.B. Jones supplies die compression springs to meet a wide range of application needs. The rectangular shape of the material used for our die compression springs is designed to achieve the greatest possible load for a given amount of travel. Die compression springs are commonly used in die press applications, but can be used for any job involving a heavy load. All the ends are closed and ground.

To make springs easier to identify and evaluate, W.B. Jones die compression springs are color coded for easy identification from one strength to the next. Starting on page 28 of our catalog, we organize our die compression spring selection in an easy to follow chart.


The W.B. Jones die compression spring chart lists springs from lightest to heaviest load capabilities and categorizes them by color: Blue (35% of free length), Red (25% free length), Gold (20% of free length), Green (17% free length). They are organized by hole/rod size and then by the overall length, with the OD being be slightly smaller than the hole spec and the ID will be slightly larger than the rod diameter. The overall spring length will be slightly longer than what is listed for die compression springs, due to the need for set removal, or scragging.

Our 500 series dies compression springs are made from carbon steel, which is slightly less strong than the chrome silicon that is used for all of our other die compression springs.  Another difference with the 500 series is that these springs are not colored.

Have an application that requires the strength of die compression springs? W.B. Jones has over 100 years’ experience providing quality die springs, both stock and custom to meet your needs.

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