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W.B. Jones Spring Co., Inc.
140 South St.
Wilder, KY 41071

Fax: 1-859-581-7700

SMI Founding Member

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Springs Fast Since 1913


"Hi Dirc, Just want to thank you and tell you what a great job you guys did turning those springs around. I wish I could get that kind of service from all my vendors."
Thanks again,
Jim Kelly
Bradford, MA

"I had a hard time configuringĀ the area I needed for the spring, but after I did, you got me a quote quickly. After I ordered them I received them even quicker than you had quoted. Price was good. Have already passed your name to another company. Hopefully this project takes off and I have to order quantities. Thanks for your help."
Bill Patterson
Englewood, OH

"Kyle, The springs were a big hit among collectors. Here's the article I wrote in the October issue of the newsletter for Telephone Collectors International. This was a good experience and I want to thank you again for making it come out so well."
Ralph Meyer
Easton, MD

"Mike, I received my order today and they are exactly what I needed. Thank you for great service!"
Thank you
Jim Knabl
Goshen, NY

"Hi Mike, The shipment of these springs has just arrived. Thanks for the great service! Your fast response definitely helped me put my prototype timing back on schedule.
Have a Merry Christmas!"
Don Blandino
Auburn Hills, MI

"Mike, I just wanted to tell you great job on that spring you made on Monday. That one really got us out of a bind."
Kurtis Maynard
Portsmout, VA

"Hello: You guys are great! Got my springs; two of them. Didn't expect that. They fit in the rifle and so far it is cycling great. Need to shoot it, but I think from here on it will be fine.
Thank you for working with me, you have been very patient with me. You did great."
John Cope
Orlando, FL

"Just want to compliment you on your great customer service. It's refreshing to get fast response and no 'BS' communication from a US company. Keep up the good work!"
Joe Naylor
Livonia, MI

"Much thanks to your company and your great service! I have installed both springs and our garage door works great. I'm so glad I found your website."
Thanks again,
Ken Wilson
Cape Coral, FL

"Thanks for such prompt service. They look great. Thanks"
Woody Ussery
College Park, GA

"Wanted to let you know, that the springs you made for me worked perfectly."
Thank you,
Gary Swilley
El Dorado, AR

"Thank you so much for fabricating those springs. They are an exact match for the ones I was paying a previous vendor $2 each for and they just raised the price to $3 each. They are the correct size, spring load and even color. At .68 each they are a bargain that will allow me to hold my prices to my customers. It's a pleasure doing business with a company that delivers a good product and actually delivers before the indicated lead time."
George Cohn
Tucson AZ

"Just wanted to send you a quick thank you note. The springs were perfect and beyond my expectations. Exactly what I was looking for! On top of that, the lead time and shipping was incredibly fast and speedy. Thanks so much once again, and I can't wait and look forward to working with your company in the future."
Cameron Jordan
Athens, GA

"Erin, thanks for such a fast quote. You rule!"
Mike Saber

"I just wanted to let you know that the 153c worked perfectly, actually better than new, thank you!"
David Chicoine

"This letter is to express my thanks and long-lasting gratitude for the work your company did for me. The springs you wound are installed; my oven is working properly again. Getting a new screw to fit the spring took the talent of an aged hardware store man, who found exactly the right item: designed to hold license plates on the car. Works for me too!
At the hardware store, a man hearing my story commented "sounds like you are talking about some adventure out of the 1940's". He was right and I'm glad I found your company!"
Bob Sessions
Madison, Wisconsin

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