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Tension Springs Explained

Tension springs are wound helical coils that are wrapped tightly together to create tension. Also called extension springs, tension springs provide extended force when the spring is pulled apart from its original length. These springs typically have hooks, loops, or end coils at both ends of the body, which attach to other components. When these attached items move apart, the tension spring pulls them back together.

Tension springs oppose extension in the way they are wound. The actual tension of the spring varies depending on the load requirements of the application. Spring tension is determined by the outside diameter and wire diameter of the spring as well as how tightly the spring is coiled.

Tension springs are available in a wide selection of sizes for applications ranging from springs for small medical devices to trampoline springs. Automotive parts and assemblies, garage door components, vise-grips, washing machines, farm machinery, and toys are just a few more examples of end products that commonly include tension springs.

Tension springs end styles vary based on the application for which they are being used. Changing the diameter of the coil, wire thickness, and length of the spring, allows these springs to accommodate a variety of loads and application requirements. Tension springs, like most types of springs, can be made from a broad range of different materials to suit particular application needs. Factors such as temperature, stress, and corrosive elements that come in contact with the springs will have an impact on the material selection.

W.B. Jones specializes in the design and fabrication of high quality tension springs. Our experience and capabilities include the fabrication of custom tension springs made to precise specifications. All of our springs are manufactured in the U.S. and most custom orders ship within 3 to 10 days.

W.B. Jones is a respected and dependable source for both stock and custom quality tension/extension springs. We are available to assist you in finding custom tension springs that will meet all of your application requirements and fit within your budget.  We can create new spring designs or match existing custom designs to deliver the tension springs you need when you need them.

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