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Steel Springs

custom steel springsLooking for a source for steel springs? An experienced and fully capable U.S. spring manufacturer, W.B. Jones can meet your steel springs requirements, from design and fabrication, to finishing processes and fast delivery.

Have a steel spring you are trying identify? Figuring out the right spring material and specifications doesn’t have to be complicated. Extensive experience enables our team to quickly determine the best spring option for your needs.

Only need a few steel springs? Or just need help finding a stock spring that will work for your application? W.B. Jones has over 5000 springs in stock – wire ranges from .007 to .500, typical OD’s .088″ to 5″, lengths from .125 to 10 ft. If you require custom steel springs, we can meet your needs and do not require a minimum quantity.

Need steel springs fast? Contact us – our team can help. We can ship stock springs out in 1-3 business days and as quick as 5 days for custom springs.

Types of steel springs we offer include:

Steel Spring Applications

Typical steel spring applications include power equipment, retractable safety devices, tape measures, timing devices, toys, fitness equipment, and gardening equipment. Steel springs are widely used in many industries including medical, automotive, oil and gas, telecommunications, textiles, agriculture, electronics, military, and aerospace.

Steel springs are made from tempered wire. The different wire diameters are created by a drawing processes. Wire starts as a 100 to 1000 pound bar about 2” in diameter and is continually drawn through smaller dies to reduce it to the required diameter. This processes enhances the tensile strength of the metal.

The most commonly used types of steel in spring fabrication are carbon steels and stainless steels. Traditionally, manufacturers will use music wire because of its high carbon content. This creates better quality and more uniform steel springs. One down side to music wire and other carbon steels is that they rust. If the springs will be exposed to wet environments, it may be best to use a stainless steel since it is corrosion resistant. It is important to note some types of stainless are slightly magnetic in spring tempered form.

Contact us to discuss your steel spring needs.

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