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Set Removal

Scragging is the English term for “set removal”. I personally like using scragging because it is more fun to say. Scragging or set removal is a process where the spring is pressed to its solid height. This procedure is not necessary for every spring. It is used mostly on springs that are overstressed at solid or at a required deflection. Once the spring is taken to solid, it will be able to operate at a higher load capacity without overstressing.

However, there are some implications with scragging. For one, pressing a stressed spring to solid causes the overall length and pitch to shrink. This typically is fixed by making the spring longer, so when it is taken to solid it will be “set” at the designed length. Second, it is an extra production procedure; so expect an increase in cost. Not only will someone have to physically press each spring to solid but it is a guess and check process to tweak the shrinking length issue. Third, some springs are too long, too big, or too overstressed for the scragging process to help.

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