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Find Your Compression Spring with the Spring Design Calculator

spring calculatorCompression spring design is advanced to the next level with Advanced Spring Design (ASD7) software. ASD7 is a jointly developed spring design calculator created by Universal Technical Systems and the Spring Manufacturers Institute (SMI) that merges engineering expertise with customized calculations to aid manufacturers in the design of quality compression springs.

ASD7 saves spring designers time and reduces the margin for human error. In addition to compression springs, the calculator aids manufacturers in the development of extension springs, spiral forms, torsion springs, garter springs, snap rings, washers, beams, and torsion bars.

Created in a completely graphical environment, this spring design calculator features convenient and automatic unit conversion as well as easy access to dynamic plots and reports. It also includes an expandable compression springs materials database, a profile system for saving and incorporating frequently used input data sets, as well as exportable DXF compression springs drawings.

The ASD7 spring design calculator allows users to enter specifications to find compression spring rates and loads. Compression springs designs can also be adjusted for any variable of interest. Cylindrical and conical compression springs can be combined in series (stacked or continuous) and in parallel (nested).

The ASD7 provides SMI acceptable tolerances and calculates maximum safe loads for the most dependable compression spring design. It also warns against potential design flaws such as settling or buckling.

W.B. Jones is an expert at using this technology to design Custom Compression Springs.  Let us design one to meet your exact specifications.

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