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Die Springs Perform Under Stress

Die springs are a variety of heavy duty compression springs designed for use in high stress, heavy load applications. They are fabricated from rectangular shaped material to reduce the solid height and increase efficiency.

Die springs are well-suited for assemblies requiring high force within limited installation dimensions. When specifying die springs, the factors to look at are working hole and shaft diameter. Since sufficient space is necessary for the die spring to function without hindrance, the critical measurement is the area within which the die spring works, or working hole, rather than the measurement of the actual die spring.

When working with die springs, keep in mind that the maximum travel should not be used or exceeded, otherwise the service life of the die spring will be considerably lessen. Die springs should always be installed pre-tensioned to avoid shock loads.

When specifying die springs, here are some important considerations:

  • Consider how the die spring will be used. Will it be used for short runs, or will it need to withstand extreme stress and rapid cycles?
  • Depending on the amount of space available, use as many die springs as possible with a minimal amount of deflection, and staying within the ideal operating range.
  • Match the die spring with the proper hole and rod size to reduce the chance of buckling and spring failure.
  • Be sure that preventive die maintenance includes replacement of die springs at recommended intervals, to reduce the likelihood of operational downtime.
  • Replace all die springs at the same time to assure even load distribution.
  • Never rework die springs by grinding the inside or outside diameter, or by cutting off coils – doing so could damage the die or cause premature spring failure.

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