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Die Springs – The Compression Spring with Super Powers

Die Springs Super SpringsCompression springs are probably the most commonly used type of spring. Their basic function is to resist a compressive force. When pressure is applied, they shorten in length, storing mechanical energy while compressed. Compression springs are used in wide range of product applications, from pens  to electronic devices. When an application requires extra strength, the “Superman” of compression springs is often called upon – it is more commonly known as the die spring.

Die springs are a variety of compression springs that are designed with rectangular wire to perform as high force compression springs. Engineered to consistently give predetermined pressure at a given compression, die springs are used for applications involving high loads or extreme conditions, like high temperatures. Die springs are a reliable choice for applications requiring high force within a limited area. They are often used in die presses associated with automotive applications or heavy machinery assemblies.

Just because die springs are stronger than other types of compression springs, however, does not mean they are always the best choice. (Even Superman knew it was better to be Clark Kent sometimes). The heavy-duty nature of a die spring restricts its ability to compress as far as a standard compression spring. Therefore, if an application requires a lot of travel, a die spring might not be the best option.  Another issue with die springs, is they are rarely custom made. They generally are designed as stock springs to fit standard hole and rod specifications. If a die spring won’t fit in an application, it can be very expensive to custom make, making a regular compression spring a better choice. For these reasons, the heavy-duty construction of die springs less is not beneficial. The choice of whether to use a die spring should be determined by the spring’s ultimate use and the environment in which it will function.

As a highly experienced spring manufacturer, W.B. Jones can assist you in selecting the best spring design and material for your application. Choosing the appropriate spring is crucial to application success, so our team is committed to getting spring design right. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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