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Advantages of Music Wire Compression Springs

Music wire is best known for its use in variety of musical instruments, including pianos and guitars. This type of wire is made from high carbon steel, making it ideal for the high-stress involved in playing these instruments. The extreme endurance of music wire also makes it a great material choice for compression springs.

Due to its high and consistent tensile strength, music wire is able to handle severe bends, making it very well-suited for compression spring applications. Music wire also offers a cost advantage since its price is comparable to the lower quality carbon steels, especially when the wire diameter is small and the quantity needed is low.

Music wire is a widely used material for compression springs for its ability to withstand repeated heavy loads while maintaining its shape and elasticity. Music wire benefits associated with compression spring design include:

  • High elasticity
  • High tensile strength
  • Flexibility
  • Affordability
  • Availability

While there are many advantages associated with music wire, this material is not always the right choice for compression spring applications. Music wire may cause problems for applications that require:

  • Corrosion resistance – Music wire lacks the ability to resist corrosion. A protective coating such as zinc plating will slow corrosion, but the spring will still be vulnerable.
  • High temperature resistance – 302 stainless steel is a better option for high temperatures above 250 degrees F,.
  • Large wire diameter springs – Loss of high tensile strength occurs as music wire diameter increases, so in most cases spring designers will recommend chrome silicon at these large wire diameters.

Music wire is also not the best choice for large production needs and low stress applications. Hard drawn carbon steel provides a much better option. When you need springs, it is best to speak with an experienced spring manufacturer that can help you determine which type of spring and which material will provide you with the best application fit and performance. If you are not sure whether or not music wire springs are the best choice for your application, contact us to speak with one of our spring experts.

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