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W.B. Jones Spring Co., Inc.
140 South St.
Wilder, KY 41071

Fax: 1-859-581-7700

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Springs Fast Since 1913

Custom Compression Springs

For new designs and changes to existing designs we suggest you call and talk to one of our design specialists. There are many questions that need to be answered to supply you with a compression spring that works and is cost effective. Our design specialists are trained to help you answer these questions.

For existing designs we ask that you fax or email a current print or send a sample. With a good pair of dial calipers you can measure the spring and fill in the information required below.

Learn about the different wire types!
Wire Type Options
Learn how to measure compression springs!
How To Measure Springs
Understanding Compression Spring End Types
About Spring End Types
custom made compression springs
1 Type of Material: If other, please specify:
2 Wire Diameter:    should be in thousandths of an inch and not a gauge number
Outside Diameter: or Inside Diameter:
only fill in one of these as the other can be calculated
4 Free Length:
5 Type of Ends:
6 Total Coils: or Pitch: or Space between coils:
only fill in one of these as the others can be calculated
7 Finish:
8 Other information that is not required but helpful if known:
the size of the hole it fits into the size of the rod it fits over
the maximum temperature the maximum required deflection
9 *Quantity Range   to  
10 Your Contact Information    
*Name    Title
Company    *Phone Number
Fax Number    *E-Mail Address
11 *What best describes you?
12 Please attach any drawings or other information that may assist us (optional).
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