Our History

Mr. Jones established the W.B. Jones Spring Company in 1913 as a stock spring supplier to hardware stores throughout the United States and Canada. The spring assortments they offered were supplied in handmade wooden cabinets, many of which can be found in antique stores throughout the country, and apparently are fairly valuable.

In the early days, the company made sure buyers remembered their spring supplier by sending quarterly mass mailings to about 7000 customers. These mailings consisted of corny poems about the current conditions or events in the USA. These poems, written by a secretary, Anna George, gave a unique history about our firm, as well as the country, and we plan on posting these on our website from time to time.

Mr. Jones passed away in 1955 and having no close relatives bequeathed the company to Anna George; a bookkeeper, Marie Witte and her two sons, Bill and Bob.

Bob, a graduate of chemical engineering, went to work for the company and became the first president of the corporation in 1962. Bill worked from 1972 until his retirement in 1987 and serves on the board of directors. He still plays an active role in keeping W.B. Jones a leading spring supplier.

In 1974, Bob’s son, Mike started working in the summers while attending the University of Cincinnati. He decided that he wanted to pursue a career in his father’s footsteps as a spring supplier, and is the current president. Bob’s son in law, Dirc Lindeman, joined the family team in 1989 and has many duties as vice president.

We hope you enjoyed this brief history of ownership and we look forward to serving our valued customers as their trusted spring supplier for another 100 years.